Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Philodendron or Spinach

Philodendron?  That was the question running through my head.  "What is this?"  I asked Sherry, my favorite market lady here in Trini.  "Oh that.  It's like spinach.  It's out my of garden.  Here take a bunch.  Chop it up and fry it up like you would spinach.  Here, you take some too." handing both Donna (sv Merlin) and I a bundle each.  She would not take any money for it.  "You try and let me know what you think."

My plan last night was to fix it just like I do spinach.  I don't really "fry up" spinach.  Usually I stir it into just cooked rice or such.  This heats it just enough to not be totally raw.  However, I was struggling a bit with the whole household plant look.  I couldn't shake the fact that this looked like someone's philodendron vs spinach.  The stems and leaves seemed thicker...just like a philodendron.  Hum?  

Time for plan B.  Slice up some garlic and get it warming in olive oil then toss in the spinach, sauteing it lightly.  Sauteing sounds so much better than "Frying" doesn't it?   I guess the leaves and stems of this are no different than say mustard greens or kale (meant only as garnish around the local salad bar IMHO) as they are thicker but hearing it was "like spinach" just stuck in my head.

Anyway, spinach or philodendron or other, it was good.