Sunday, January 22, 2017

Off The Charts In Guyana - Thanksgiving 2016

Fresh pumpkin


I was up and had the pumpkin in the pressure cooker by 7:30AM.  Next came the crust for the Pumpkin Pie Dessert or Harvest Dessert as I have renamed it.  Then the steamed pumpkin was cooled and draining.  I have learned that fresh pumpkin has quite a bit of water in it.  This time I used the small, mesh basket I use to rinse quinoa to strain the water out.  However, straining through a cheese cloth would actually be best if you are trying to get the consistency of a can of pumpkin. 
Straining the cooked pumpkin

The propane tank promptly ran out.  Tom switched over to the other one.  It was overfilled which caused a slight scare of high pressure but it turned out ok.  Whew.  Harvest Dessert in the oven, next step was the béchamel sauce for the green bean casserole.  Then make the stuffing.  I used a box mix I found in town.  Big mistake.  It had been sitting on the shelf for quite some time.  The dehydrated breadcrumbs were stale.  I covered it with sautéed onions and callaloo, veggie broth and a generous amount of grated nutmeg.  The stuff was turned into stuffing muffins in the oven. 
Bodi beans
The green beans found in Guyana are similar to the bodi beans found in Trinidad.  They are about 12” long but these are very thin, thin enough to fit between the tines of a fork, SO….I bought a huge bunch.  The homemade béchamel sauce worked just fine as did the farina topping. 
Tom helped by digging out ingredients needed from their various hiding spots in the port settee, opening cans, lighting the oven, washing pots, mixing bowls and such as we went and finally holding the broiler button on twice to brown the tops of the Harvest Dessert and Green Bean Casserole.  Our broiler is acting up and won’t stay lit. 
Harvest dessert

13:00 I got dressed and we started gathering things up.  We missed the weather window by 3 mins.  A rain shower passed over, just enough to put 2” of water in the bottom of the dinghy and soak the dinghy chaps – aka wet butts and tote bags. 
The spread
Baganara Resort had agreed to let us use a couple of tables for our Thanksgiving.  The staff greeted us immediately “Good day.  Happy Thanksgiving to you.”  I brought appetizers of smoked eggplant and pineapple chow with crackers.  The Thanksgiving feast itself was a wonderful assortment of yummy food.  We shared with Cindy, Racquel and her kitchen staff, inviting them to take a plate to try. 

It was a good day.