Saturday, April 30, 2016

Watermelon Year Round

Year Round!  Crazy I know!!  And yes, I realize these days you can get just about any produce at any time of the year in decent grocery stores in the USA.  However, we all know buying off season usually means less than great produce.  In fact, more often than not, it's some anemic looking fruit or veg that has been shipped half way around the globe.  Yuck!  But if you are insistent on fresh strawberries for New Years Eve, knock yourself out!   Instead most of us take advantage of growing seasons to buy whatever is in season.  Sometimes we go a little crazy because stuff come into and out of season quickly.  Raise your hand if you have gorged yourself more than once on strawberries, tomatoes, hatch chilies, etc....because they were in season.  

Anyway, one of the many things we love about Trinidad and Tobago is that you can buy wonderfully ripe watermelon year round.  And I am not talking about the so-so seedless stuff that exists now.  NOPE - I am talking about super sweet, bright red WITH seeds watermelon we all remember from our youth.  It seems the farmers simply plant throughout the entire year, rotating fields.  Boom - luscious, juicey watermelon year round.  Love it!