Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Pizz Boat - Martinique

Pizz Boat lady

There is a new boat in Cul de sac du Marin called Pizz Boat (their spelling).  It is a catamaran with a commercial pizza oven on the back. They are in le Marin anchorage Monday - Thursday and Sainte Anne Friday and Saturday.  They have very reasonable prices and yummy pizza.  Delivery is $2EU.
Bruce and Tom

We first tried Pizz Boat on Valentines day for lunch.  I call them via phone.  Despite their limited English and my non-existent French, I got the order placed.  20 mins later, it was delivered.  YUMMY!
Annika and Stephan

A couple of weeks ago when the wind was up, we decided a Friday pizza party was in order.  Sy Tango and sv Wild Matilda were onboard as well.  They all came over to our boat and we figured out our order. Tom and Stephan hopped in a dinghy and buzzed over to place the order in person.  20 mins later, the Pizz Boat lady arrived with three pizza's.  Squalls came and went but it never dashed our pizza party that ended up running into evening.  Good times!  

Pizz Boat